Thursday, February 4, 2010


Really been listening to a lot of music lately, especially at school. Listened at least half of the day with one ear in my iPod. Not that it has that good music on it, but it keeps me awake and interested. Dozed a tad in gov and a tad in Lit, but as usual, got the last word in Lit and came up with a new way to look at what was being discussed. =) Talked with Ms. Lacy about me being last and she said I was good at summarizing things. So, that makes me happy. So glad to have gotten to spend some time chatting with Miranda today. Really missing her. Hmph. Barely made drawing deadline and working hard to meet the next. Finally starting to pull together a concentration. I'll explain another time, not enough now.

Seriously thinking about giving this modeling thing a shot. It'll be a $150 that God will have to provide, but if it's what He wants, He will. The $150 is for a really good head and "full" photograph/shot of me to be sent in to auditions etc. Also means I need to get a $14 hair cut. *rolls eyes* In addition, I have to keep up the look which means a haircut at least once a month. More money. And gas to drive back and forth. All in all, I'm going to have to start working evenings for my Mom to make ends meet. Probably something I should have done, but really need to get on a roll with. Next Sat morning/afternoon no plans till at least 4. 10 till 4, going to paint and do stuff. Got to, got to, got to. Wish I could sell art. That stuff would be pancakes. >_<

"Why run when you can walk and enjoy the scenery?"

Instead of a poem, just want to share a quote. This writing every day thing seems to be getting a little taxing. XD

Anyways, just going to add, I won't be on for the next two/three nights so I'll have a huge update/post then!

Going up into the mountains to go snowboarding with RC for his 20th birthday and Caleb along as well. Going to be wicked fun! Plan to sketch the whole way up and most of the time there. XD Hope we get back in time for me to go with Megan to youth. So want to take her. Monday is Improv practice, which the show is next Sat. So far have quite a number of friends who are attending, friends just from school, which is seriously exciting! TONS in the "possibly" range. Anyway, super happy about that. Got a Gov test Tuesday. Math Double Quiz Monday. Interview with MT Tuesday afternoon. Then school the rest of the week. Going to be a fascinating week. ^^ Thanks God for keeping my life interesting! *huggles* Always on the move, and yet so many memories. =D

Night world! Stay warm!

-Jake Kelton

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Modeling Images Talent Agency... hmm?

So, going to try to keep it short, since I'm running over my Midnight = bedtime, time. Today was long. Long and a bit rough. Some exciting things, but the days are starting to drag into each other. Which I don't want. It's already a month into my final semester as a senior. Before I know it, I'll have blinked and be graduating. What a year this will have been. =)

On the way home, tired and sleepy, God poked me and I called a number I've had for almost a year now. Last spring, passed around Pope was a flier kind of thing that was for a Modeling/Talent group. I had no idea what it was about, but took the number down anyway just in case for some reason something came up and I wanted it. Not really sure why. Guess it was Gods prompting. A year after, today, I called it. I was extremely disappointed I had not called sooner. Had a wonderful conversation with Ms. Henry and am excited about some possibilities. Next Tuesday I'll be going in to talk with her about future options or thoughts. Until then we'll be in touch.

Also VERY excited for snowboarding! I guess I won't be able to blog for Sat and probably Sunday, but I'll figure out something to do instead. Going to be so fun!

Still have a drawing to finish, so I'm off. Thanks for reading!

"Look back and miss what has gone.
Recognize the ending of a song.
No more shall we sing along.
Was I so in the wrong?
I miss, so miss, what we had."


-Jake Kelton

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

That... is a really deep toilet...

Summarized yesterday. Here's today.
Long, very, very, very long. 0 period. Super Size me, finished. Sicking, but good story. Gov, still a B. Test coming up. Homework. Art, drew a little bit. Finding my muse. This week is my week. Going to be me by the end of the week. Got to draw tomorrow night. Lunch. Fun. Collin beat me at ERS. I blame headache. New food! ^^ Math, this stuff is easy. Doing homework, though I don't HAVE to. Musical Theater, no one has a clue what they're doing. =P Lit, wrote. Don't think I did TOO badly. >.< Drama, fun play! Cannot wait to get started. =) Improv tonight was a lot of fun. WAY better than last week. The group thing is going to be AWESOME!

Two poem, thingies...

"Think, ponder, turn it around
Contemplate... without a sound."

"Black hat sitting there,
Many heads, many hairs, many people,
My stored memories."

Gotta get a good nights sleep tonight for tomorrow. Night!
And yes Diana, I'm bringing you back A foosball tomorrow night. ^^

-Jake Kelton

Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh life that thou hast livithed.

Ugh, such a long two days. I think I'm going to give it a rest tonight and just do two poems for the next two nights because my brain has been used to almost full capacity. Tired. So tired. But it was a good two days. A lot of self discovery. Super simple summary: 1/31, Church, wait, Bro's lunch/dinner, no bowling, no Miranda, youth, Melissa, talktalktalkchatchatchat, owe foosball. 2/1, Supersize Me, school, artartarthmmm, no at lunch, 80 on test, YAY FOR CHOIR in musical theater, no book in Lit, take notes, Lead, read stage directions, have amazing talk with Miranda, agree to return to being really good friends, walk home, drive to her house, share some time on the piano, walk Marley, talk to Mom, back home, out again, apply at Paradise, have amazing talk with Sis, talk with Mom, talk with Lissi, talk with Lela. And now bed. Night!

Poems tomorrow, I promise!

-Jake Kelton