Saturday, January 30, 2010


BLARGH! Today was fascinating. Started off really nice, getting to sleep in. No headache, till about 10, then it started once again. Tried to go to clinic, first was closed. Got sad. Went home. Head still hurting. Dad drove to CVS. No sinus infection, no brain tumor, just migraine. Have pills. Joy. So yeah, spent most of the afternoon between napping, reading Catch-22, and trying to ignore headache. Watched Surrogates, good good movie! Very possible reality for the future. Fascinating. Missed Miranda. She was painting so I can't wait to see painting. Drew a bit tonight while chatting with friends and skyping. Drew some pretty ok drawings of characters. Still haven't a clue what I'm doing for AP art. Yet. NEED to decide but hope God sheds some light on the subject. ^^

Tomorrow should be a lot of fun, if not necessarily busy. REMEMBER TO RECORD GOV DISCUSSION! XD

Poem.... poempoempoempoempoempoem:

"What is the meaning of life?
Seeing thine flamoth woif."

Well, more of an anagram. Or whatever it is when you change the letters around.
Kitty cat waiting for me to go to bed. Night world! Will hopefully give you a better one tomorrow. XD

-Jake Kelton

Friday, January 29, 2010

Headaches gone bad...

Fourth day of headache's. After a lot of thought this evening I've decided it's most likely to be something in the air in the Art room that's effecting me, likely one of the old (or new) chemicals being used to develop some photography in the back room of the Art room. Going to test it a little bit tomorrow and hopefully I won't have a headache. =P We'll see. ^^

Overall day was good besides the headache. PJ day, so I wore PJ's, bathrobe, and took my favoritist pillow. ^^ Everyone loved the pillow. But then I accidentally left it at school. *tear* Friend moved it and didn't move it back so I forgot about it and by the time I remembered it, the media center where it was had already closed. =( So I'll have to live without it till Monday when I'll get it back from Lost and Found and have a second day of naps. XD

Got a leading character Jafar as I said for Musical Theater, and also am the lead male for Play Production, who I think is named Tony. Don't know the play that well so I'm going to go over the script this weekend. Very funny play. Both characters will be challenging since they are serious-like characters. Well, Tony's funny, but in a serious way. Because everyone else in the play is crazy. XD So, should be a great learning experience. And I'm growing a beard... for Jafar...

Moving on, short poem... er...

"Step, step, plod, plod
Moving forward, asking God
Right? Left? Straight? Go back?
Have faith, have trust, wide and broad."

Something small... going to try and get senior pictures done tomorrow... somehow. Even if I do them myself. =P


-Jake Kelton

PS: Every night when typeing "Night!" I always type "NIght!" first and then have to change it. I think it'll just be a part of my signature now that I use capital I for no reason. XD NIght!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Art Muse, where have thou gone?

Hmmm, lacking in art... well, I have a lot of art and as always people are telling me I'm fantastic... but I'm just not up to par of where I want to be. This happens on occasion and after a couple months I'll finally hit home where I'm pushing myself to be at. But I need it to happen now, especially going into art portfolio submitting and stuff like that... Urgh...

Aw... a friend posted a tumbler about missing a guy she loved a ton and wishing she had him back. Reminded me of a really good song. ( ) Should Miranda and I break up, I pray that we will always be friends. Dating is an experiment. It helps you learn more about you and follow Gods stepping stones into the arms of the one He has created for you. For me.

Anyway, got PJ's planned for tomorrow. After school got to come back to the house, change, and then go submit Kennesaw Application/mail it. More gas usage... fun. >_< No job replies yet. Erg.

"To hug you,
To kiss you,
To tuck you,
To pat you,
To punish you,
To teach you,
To guide you,
To help you,
To show you,
To lead you,
To push you,
To let you,
To wish you,
To dream you,
To protect you,
To allow you,
To discipline you,
To embrace you,
To sing you,
To dance you,
To be with you every step of life,
To love you.
To be a mother of a daughter, of a son, of a child, of you."

A poem for mi madre. *huggles Mom* Love you!

-Jake Kelton

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two days... one post...

Missed yesterday due to being a VERY long day and internet dying last night, so, since I'm not trying to do 365 posts, just instead telling what I do each day, here's both yesterday and today in one...

Good day overall save for a almost crippling headache for a large portion of the school day. Finally went away a bit before school ended. Left after school, dropped Caleb off at home, picked up Alex's book, dropped it off at the library, picked Alex and Kyle up, dropped Kyle off, dropped Alex off at the library, picked Andrew up, dropped Andrew off, dropped Hair Salon Shop application off. Then headed over to Sweet Spirit to chat with Caitlin who was on break. Very fun time. Filled out an application there too. Ugh... starting to get discouraged. >_< Then started to head home to get dinner before remember it was Tuesday and had Drama Improv. Went to church. We all lagged tonight, but even in our slowness, we were pretty funny. Not amazing, but even if we're all dead tired come Feb 13, we'll still get some laughs. =) Then finally went home and got ready for school tomorrow.

"Play by the rules,
Use available tools.
Don't be too late,
There's no time to hate."

-Jake Kelton

God, please help our country. Oh, it is in such need right now. Strong leadership, active decision makers, and doing rather than talking.
Today was again good. Again had another headache. Got it in 2nd. Probably Ms. Johnson's fault. XD Got Jafar for Aladdin, so I get to grow out a really long bead. Joy... XD Anyway, drama club was fantastic. Got to do a Simon Cowell impression as we had a panel of four "judges" for the monologues people read. They get better each week! So impressive. *sniff* So proud of all of them! =D Went to Miranda's youth group. Fun. Barely pulled off 41 pushups to top Warrens 40, but I had to rest a time or two for a few seconds and he didn't really... well, maybe once. One day, that 100 number will happen. ;) NEED to get a new profile picture of Miranda and I... hm... Also, Sundae is really pushing me playing Jesus for their Easter play, meaning I get to really grow my hair out and grow a beard. Which means I REALLY need to get my Senior pictures done. Like... Friday. XD Uuuuurgh. Well, God will provide. Provide me a spanking so I get my booty moving. >_<

Rather than a poem, I want to share a piece of writing I did a while back when I was feeling down. This in no way reflects my mood tonight, just a more extreme version of a feeling I had a while back.

"Rain waxes and wanes in a slowly increasing beat as the heavens cry on the earthy clay. You lean against the window, breathe slowly coming in and out of your lungs, silent and slow. The pane of glass fogs up, clears slowly, only to fog up again with exhaled air, almost as if to copy the falling water pounding on the other side of the diamond wall. Pitter, patter, pitter, patter, pitter, patter, it goes on and on, ever repeating. Tired eyes trace the gray trees, gray year, and empty gray driveway. Head seems so full, and yet so lacking in its empty hollowness. Behind the eyes rests an inescapable pressure, building, shrinking, building shrinking. Crystal rain, opaque breathes, burning thoughts, all flowing like oceans tides. Exhausted of thought, you attempt to pour music’s sweet escape into the empty hole. One song goes by, followed by a second. A third replaces it, and still you sit, knees up, arms hugging. But no matter how much you play, the hole is still there, just as no matter how much you hug, it won’t be around the one you want to hug. So you sit. A fourth song plays, a fifth, and now you’ve lost count in the meaningless words and the tuneless music echoing off your ears. You shiver. This time you don’t react, knowing that no matter how many layers you wear, you won’t be warm. Maybe the sun might begin to thaw the frosts icy grip, but no sun peaks its head today. Moaning cotton balls of pent up hurt and fear roll on across the darkened lands face, ever dropping tears of sorrow and loneliness. Then, that song comes on. The one you will never forget. The one you danced, let it go, let your spirit fly. With that one, the one, the only one you hug like that, dance like that, love like that. The one holding the key to your lock, the hole in your heart; whose voice can bring a burst of rainbow butterflies from your chest. You close your eyes and let your mind wander to that night, the night of music, of rain, of dance. But the rain was tears of ecstasy, a joy indescribable from all other happy moments. The night was a night of bright lights, shared passion, and a moment in each others arms that cannot be forgotten. A night of a single pair of dancers, but lost in a crowd of jigsaw piece partnered couples. You know your pieces match; color, shape, tone, and texture. So different, and yet fit so perfectly together. And tonight you share in that knowledge, looking into each others eyes, lost in each others worlds. And just when you feel your soul is being stolen, the one leans in, closing the distance, eyes closed and- You blink. Across the room your little cell is buzzing. Leaping from your chair, you stumble to the edge of the couch where you left it. Grabbing your phone you rub your eyes for a second, still dazed from your nostalgia. Pitter, patter, pitter, patter, pitter, patter, the rain continues with repetitive reverie. Hope, hope, hope, is it the one? Hope. Your fingers tighten for a moment as the phone buzzes again. You close your eyes tight, mentally wish a small prayer, and then simultaneously open your hands and eyes. You look."

Hope it didn't bring too many tears. =D
Heading to bed. Night!

-Jake Kelton

Monday, January 25, 2010

Another short post from another busy day...

To summarize, talked long and late with both youth pastor and Mom last night. As you could probably see, 2 AM and later. Anyway, talked about a lot of things, but come out as always a much wiser and more matured young adult. Can't hardly talk with either without learning some life lesson. =)

Also to summarize the Miranda issue, through yesterday and today I had it really, really rough. Went through a hard time. But God saw me and her through. Took her aside during lunch today and had a really good heart to heart conversation. The period before I was nearly sick from nervousness and anticipation, but I made it. =)
Audition for the Genie I thought wasn't that great, but after watching the other two I think I have a very good chance of playing him. *crosses fingers*
After school drove around with Jeff and tried to apply to four different places. One wasn't open. One wasn't hiring. One was and I got application. And the last one seems actually like a very cool and fun place to work. It's actually a beauty salon, which won't help others thinking I'm gay. But you find work where you find work. And this is my life and so I'm going for it. Anyways, just got a very good vibe from the store. So filling out the application and will drive over there tomorrow after school to drop it off. HAVE to go to bed now though. Two nights of little sleep won't do be good at all. Plus I think I have a quiz on something tomorrow. XD

"Two hearts entwined, two breathes held,
Two minds lost in music four ears beheld.
Four hands clasped, two and two together,
Two pairs of eyes completely lost in the other.
Two bodies jump, four feet simultaneous land,
One moment with each other lost in timeless sands."

So much poetry on dancing... Lit Mag is gonna kill me if I try to submit all of this... Haha.


-Jake Kelton

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just to say..

Going to have a huge, huge post tomorrow. Huge. Massive huge. "Too Long Didn't Read" huge.

So much going on... mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually completely and utterly drained. Should sleep like a rock tonight.

"How to say yes after so many no's?
How to say goodbye? Only God knows."


-Jake Kelton

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Burned by the match head.

"How can you talk with someone who won't open their mouth?
How can you speak with a shadow, or birds flying south?
You can only speak to, only speak for, only hope that
There will come a day, come a time, the phone hasn't sat
Un-ringing, un-buzzing, un-nocited all day
As slowly and lonely time flies away
What can you do with a tight tongue?
How can you encourage the songs it has sung?
Do you push, do you push, do you just step aside?
Let times slow removal run it's course?
What if the hope fading, darken shading
Turns to black, a crashed start not shooting?
And how can you take the place of a friend?
Someone who loves them like you, to the end?
These big shoes I'm taking, stepping into
Are large to fit, with the places they've been to.
But I'll do my best to pass this test
Take my chances, no circumstances will allow me to rest
Praying each day for Gods will to be done
Praying I'll be the boyfriend she needs under today's sun.
He paired us for a reason and maybe this is it,
A challenge be to be firm, but gentle as seen fit.
I only hope with open eyes I will eventually see,
The true glowing light of glory that inside her can be.
Patience is a virtue, they all will say...
But how when I'm bursting with love every day?
Not at her side, each passing minute
Leads me to fear it's a minute I'll regret
But remember she has a life to live too
Even if every night I tell her 'I love you.'"

Going to leave that almost all for tonight. Rearranged room. Got vids off camera. Going to bed. Hope I can sleep. Night world!

-Jake Kelton

Friday, January 22, 2010

I got a feeling that tonights gonna be a good night!

Listened to this song so many times over already... =P

Anyway, today in school was a lot of fun. Took my Ipod so I was awake through all my classes and didn't nap in AO which meant by the time 5th period came around, I was really hyper. Very fun and very interesting, but I'm enjoying my semester a ton so far. Auditions Monday, got called back for Genie which is exciting. =D

Missed Miranda and wanted to hang out/watch a movie, but she went to a friends house. Got over it, realizing that I don't get special privileges unless she wants to give them. =P Instead was picked up by Graydon and Leah and had a really fun time hanging out with them at the East Cobb park. Just did some crazy fun stuff. Nearly hurt myself a few times, but God watched out for me. ^^

Starting up my newest comic idea, just doodling and working, working, working on getting ideas out of head onto paper or computer paper.
Going to try to regularly update it, but it probably will only happen once a week or so. Still a ton of fun to draw so far.

Urgh, poem... um....

"A year older, a year new, birthday around the corner pew
Scared to grow, take new steps, scared to work additional reps
But close your eyes, change comes and flows,
These earthly ties with dirt covered toes
Are here for now, now for here, only in place to shed a tear
Precious time to enjoy living, with the ticking clock God is giving
So don't be frightened, waste not in vain
Look to the future enlightened, and continue to be insane."

Mostly for a friend, and I think she'll enjoy it when she reads it. But it can really apply to anyone afraid to age along year. Really, though we only celebrate it once a year, we're constantly aging every day. So don't fear the inevitable. Run with it and celebrate another joyous day.

Night world!

-Jake Kelton

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art, art, art, and the fragility of life...

Super late, so making this simple and short... again. *sigh*

Been doing a lot of art. Fills my head and I seem to just be waiting for the next moment I have a pencil in my hand. Doing some new experimentation art in class, but it's a slow process, at least to make good art. It's... new, so it's not as good as much stronger stuff. But I want to branch out. Play around. Experiment. Have fun. We'll see how the next week goes. Along with my portfolio collection. Hmm.... Anyway, really hoping God has a plan for college, cause I sure need all the help I can with that. Along with a job. Gotta do the searching tomorrow. Ack. Something else I was supposed to do as well besides Zacksbies and that other place. Eh... maybe I'll remember it tomorrow. But praying throughout the day made it a lot better. Wrote "Pray" on a hand just as a reminder and when I saw it, it helped me have that new outlook and send a short prayer to God. Maybe eventually I can always talk with Him. That's the hope. =) Also, from now on going to pray over a picture before I start it. Dedicate it to His glory, that way whatever I do will be done for Him. Tis my plan anyway...

Friend of some of my good friends died today. Or so the story goes. From what I've heard and read which is limited, there was a shooting in the small town of Appomattox VA and included in the victims was a girl who had gone to Hightower with a number of my friends when they were there. It's a scary thing to think that one day, someone I know well won't ever sign in to Facebook again. Won't answer a text. Won't pass by in the hallway with a smile. Won't live any longer. It's a scary thing. But a real thing. Life is short. Fragile. With so much ahead of each one of our lives, how can we live to be mean to someone? How can you curse at someone if the next day they no longer live? How could you live knowing that you won't ever get a chance to say goodbye, nor even a simple nice word? How much better off would the world be if each time we thought something mean or harsh, we changed it for a compliment, a compliment we really meant?

Wow... 1 Am...

"Late nights, thoughts of you
Dreams dreamed, am I the fool?
Wait, slow, God knows His plan
One day I will change from boy to man."

No clue what that is or what it means.
Just something...

Bed. Now.

-Jake Kelton

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

School, Drama Club, Youth, and youth.

School was good. Doing a new, pretty cool picture in art. Think I did ok on the two quizzes I took today. We'll see tomorrow. So far got good grades in Math. =P Drama club was a lot of fun. Listened to a number of monologues. *sniff* They're sooo talented and good. Still need improvement, but even without much direction, they are fantastic. Can't wait till next week! Miranda's youth was fun. had a good discussion tonight. Really want to be a part of their Easter play (they want me to play Jesus! Yay!) but doubt that will happen since they are practicing after church on Sundays. 12:30 to 1:30. If I drove myself, I might be able to make it there if I left at 12. AT 12. But that means no after church chatting or socializing or meetings or anything. >_< I could also go to their church for the next two months, but I really don't like that idea. So I'm mulling it over with God and we'll see what happens. I feel he's really pushing me to do this, since I'm using my talents as an actor to glorify him, but I don't know how. He will provide though... I know it. Just like with my failurefull job hunting, He has a purpose... even if it's to get me to get out there more. Eh...

Also kissed Miranda goodnight as Chelsea was dropping her off. Love that girl. Maybe one day I'll be able to show her the inferno of joy just seeing her is. *happy sigh*

Besides all that, I just wanted to type a small blurb here about the youth of today. The youth, the people, the me's, the you's, so scared to be. Maybe this would do better in poem form...

"Thoughts, voices, circle in my head
They don't come from me while I'm in bed
The world presses in, suffers the me
Who I am, who I was, who I want to be.

But I fight, I push back, and I won't take no
I will live my own life, for God on the throne
I am me, I am I, who God made me to be
Through Him, from this world, I am free.

So many me's, so many you's, all walking these streets
Suffer in silence, in muteness, but wishing others would see
We all hurt, we all cry, but why won't you try
Once more, once again, spread your tattered wings and fly

What good does it do, accepting a crushed life?
"Dealing with it", "living with it", "getting through the night"?
Why can't you see how so much greater good can come
When you decide you've had enough, no longer will you hum

Sing, sing out loud, sing will all the air in your lungs!
Dance, dance with both feet, as laughter spills off your tongues!
The harsh world can move on, live it's own way,
But we shall fly upward, on ground we won't stay!

Don't bend to their wishes, be who you are inside!
Find your dream, hidden by masks, no limits to abide
Take it in both hands, hold it close and tight
And live that dream, through all that's in sight."

Came from a long talk with Sierra. So much like me, and yet so completely not. Going to have to steal her sometime when the rest of the world isn't looking. =) Also, got to take a lot of my poems in for Lit Mag. And art... And writing, though I don't have much of that... hmmm...

For now, night.

-Jake Kelton

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back to school and Improv comedy. =D

Back to school after a fantastic weekend. Day was slow, but one of the slowest. Dozed off twice. Need to work on getting more sleep. Maybe if I didn't blog... *chuckle* Anyway, oh, just remembered I need to review Gov before the quiz tomorrow. Hahaha, that's one of the classes I doze off in. =P Anyway, doubt I'll get a drawing from a phone in tonight. Well, I could loose sketch it. Hmmmm.... oh, by the way, I love typing without looking at the computer or the keyboard. A real test in knowing where the keys are because the more you think about it the worse you do, you really hust have to let your fingers fly across the keyboard. XD

Improv comedy at my church, Feb 13! Come! Tons of laughs to be had! Had fun practicing tonight and believe I did a lot better than last week. Still not as out there as I want and I've just got to work on that, but one or two more sessions and I should be set. =D

Anyway, that's all for now. Can't wait for drama club tomorrow and then off to Miranda's youth group. ^^ If you read this Miranda, expect a surprise tomorrow. Hehehe...


"Angelic smile, arms wrapped close,
You and I sit together, I kiss your nose.
Quiet laughs in sister's car's back seat,
Head on my chest, listen to my heart beat.
This is what makes you special, our time together,
You and I, me and you, could stay this way forever.
We share so much, yet know so little,
About the other, ourselves, and life's riddle.
But journey together we shall on this quest,
Hand entwined, hearts close, we'll do our best."

Hmmmm, still doesn't quite capture Miranda and I. Maybe one day I'll get it right. And I still can't believe nothing rhymes with "warmth."


-Jake Kelton

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cleaning and friends and girlfriend. ^^

Again, going to make this really short. 35 minutes at tops. Going to try to make it less though. Anyway, spent a large portion of this morning cleaning me room and doing various things that needed doing. Planned with Jessica and Miranda hanging out stuffs. Miranda did her homework (yay!) and Jessica got a ride down (yay!), so we all spent the afternoon (including Katie [yay!]) hanging out and playing games. Andrew and Caleb joined us (eh), but it wasn't supposed to be a "just us" thing so it was ok. Had a ton of fun with all of them. Going to have to ask my sibs what their thoughts on Miranda and I cuddling on the couch was. Cause it'll definitely happen again. ;) Anyway, room is cleaner. Didn't get any drawing done, but I still has bone. Instead I know what I'm doing for my concentration, so it was ok.

Uh, tired. *cracks neck* Ooooo, good one. Trying not to hurt myself too much when I do that. Just watching it cause sometimes I can over crack it. Anyways, last blurb cause I think I'll "mushy" write in my diary tonight. XD

Loved getting to see Jessica and Katie again. Jessica is a lot more amiable and Katie, though she can be a lot more outgoing, did have a lot of fun even if she did lose Super Smash Bros twice. But it looked like she enjoyed it a lot and I'm glad to have given them a chance to hang with people their own age. I don't think either get enough social interaction, so I'm happy for them. ^^
It was also very refreshing to see Miranda after a weekend of trying to get together. But even all the cuddling and hugging and play poking we did, on the way back was the best. I pulled together the courage to ask her a question that had been on my mind a while. My question: "What can I do to do be a better boyfriend?" I don't know how many boyfriends ask that, but it's a good question. Especially if the other is open, you learn a lot about seeing your actions from another's eyes. Her answer was in summary, "Don't overdo stuff. The small stuff is just as enjoyable as the large." Something I definitely can use some work on. I'm such a shower, as an actor, I like to be out there, kinda crazy, and known. But a part of me also likes just being me. I need to take time and remember that even in my relationships, sometimes the small stuff can be even more precious than the large. A time of playing silly games with Miranda and family can often create better memories than a fancy dinner and Imax movie. Not that they shouldn't both happen, but maybe not the latter too often. Save it for a surprise. =D Now, I don't plan on doing Miccy D's two out of every three dates, but sometimes smaller can be better. Anyway, learned a lot and it was definitely worth it. =) If you haven't done it yet, I definitely suggest you try. ^^

So, going to bed, after poem.

"Loud laughing, movie mayhem
Flying Foosballs, Mii's by "Ummmmm"
Couch cuddling, damage giving,
Sharing time,- this is living."

Not so good, but true. =D


-Jake Kelton

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ok, gotta make this short and sweet.

Woke up early, few others up, didn't make it to A-Team meeting, went to church, doodled/wiied till Mom out of meeting, off to lunch with bros and dancing in the restaurant, back to church to wait around and gone to Winter Jam concert, traffic jam, backed up, make it, walk up, stand in line, tickets sold, meet with Jessica, chat, give jacket, leaving, take jacket back, back to cars, off to Stevie B's, pizza, soda, ice cream, back to mods, party, foosball, ERS, beaten, sketch sketch, leave, no phone, back, phone, no shower, bed repair tomorrow, night!


Might expand on it tomorrow. Prolly not. Overall a crazy day, sorely missing Miranda, but had a good time with fellow youths. =D Tomorrow should be interesting. =) Also thumb is not feeling so good. Going to keep a closer eye on it.... =/

"Turn here turn there,
Think this think that,
Go here go there,
Do this do that-

Fun poem. Gotta submit these to Lit mag. =P


-Matthew Walters

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dancing worlds

After a morning of driving around and getting my car worked on (I won't have my car for until at least next Tuesday) I chilled a little bit at home before leaving (truly not really wanting to) to watch 2012 with bros. Saw most of it (due to being "sold out" issues) and enjoyed it, though it was a very much eye candy movie. All about the visual effects. Headed home afterwords but just before reaching home, me and bros agreed to jump into the dance Pope was having. Went, had a BLAST! Wished terribly Miranda was there, but still had a ton of fun. Cannot wait for Prom. This year is looking to be the best yet! ^^

Just want to say a blurb here about being an older sibling. I had to apologize to one of my young siblings after getting home because he's going to the same school and I've created such big shoes for him to try and fit into, it's going to be really hard. But I know he can do it and have full confidence in him. He'll shine, as soon as my light leaves the stage, which will be good. I feel there's much I've had for too long. Plus I don't like the spotlight anyway. I like to dance with other people and pull them into the dancing. Something I really don't like is seeing people just standing around afraid to jump in. Too social Matthew, too social... >_<

Anyway, gotta hit the hay. Got a busy day tomorrow as well. =) Praying Miranda will join Pulse (my youth) for Winter Jam. =D

"Turn, turn, turn up the beat
Let it rain, rain, rain, like sleet
On ears, ears, hands and feet
So crank, crank, crank up the beat!

People, people, hands in the air,
Sway left, sway right, let's all be fair
Let go your thoughts, let down you hair
Let your body feel the music, this chance is rare
So jump-jump, hop-hop,everybody-everybody spin
Clap-clap, pat-pat, reverse-reverse spin
Jump left, jump right, again to the right
Here we go let's dance tonight!

Beat, beat, beat, feel the beat,
Thump, thump, thump through your feet.
Get up, up, up off your seat,
And dance, dance, dance to the beat!

Let's go tonight, let it all fly
Be planes tonight, reach for the sky
Don't let the music stop-
B-b-b-ut keep it up all night
And dance, dance, dance left then right
So jump-jump, hop-hop, everybody-everybody spin
Clap-clap, pat-pat, reverse-reverse spin
Jump left, jump right, again to the right
Here we go let's dance tonight!

Turn, turn, turn up the beat
Let it rain, rain, rain, like sleet
On ears, ears, hands and feet
So crank, crank, crank up the beat!
Beat, beat, beat, feel the beat,
Thump, thump, thump through your feet.
Get up, up, up off your seat,
And dance, dance, dance to the beat!"

So that became more of a song. Still turned out ok. Need to write music for it now. That and all my other songs. >_<

Anyway, night ya'll! Comments are appreciated but not necessary! I'll be doing this all year long anyway. XD

-Jake Kelton

Friday, January 15, 2010

Steve Barry, Auditions, Pep Rally and Tetris

Steve Barry, a popular author who is coming into his element came to school today and talked about what it was to be an author and a writer. Very cool listening. And I got to ask the unique question of the tour which was "Do you listen to music while you write?" He says yes which made me happy. =D What's more happy-making though is that he talked about the little voice in your head that tells you to write. Well, I have a little voice, but it's also telling me to draw, sing, dance, and act all at the same time. ^^ TOO MUCH! But in truth, it's actually not. I love my crazy life. ^^

Auditioned today for the Genie and Jafar. I have an intense feeling Seiden has already cast me for Jafar, but I would so much rather play the genie. Well, I could do either. Jafar would allow me to show I can be serious on stage, as well as funny, and would get me out of my type-casted character roles. But the genie would be SOOO much fun to play and I know his lines/role really well already. So it's a tossup. Up to God and he'll know which is better for me. ^^ There are some times I like when I don't have to decide. I know I did a pretty awesome audition for Jafar, but I'm afraid my Genie audition was lacking... Eh. Bygones shall be Qui-gons. =D

Pep Rally was interesting. The thing about it is that I think most schools think their Pep Rally's are pretty bad. But if everyone's is bad, then one that's "Meh" would actually be pretty good. =D In my opinion, I find them entertaining and when I'm not in a hugely creative mood I go to them on occasion. I like dancing to the music (as most of you would probably have guessed). However today I felt pretty bad cause Annie and I dragged Miranda along and she was pretty uncomfortable most of the rally long. And the thing I really felt bad about was Annie kept trying to cheer her up. Like, the whole time. Anyways, feel pretty bad about that. Gonna find a way to make it up to her. =)

If I go back into another recension when it comes to Tetris, I blame Molly. XD She's got me back and playing a bit with her talk of seeing pieces falling in her head just as she walks around day to day. And the scary thing is I know what she means. There was a time I would actually dream in Tetris, seeing pieces fall as I slept. Was pretty intense. Then I became mostly number one of my friends on Facebook and I dropped off. Let's hope I don't go back too badly. XD

Tomorrow fixing the cars and then going to try and get Miranda to come to the rave at school tomorrow night. ^^ Some night I'll have to devote a page to just talking about her. Sooo much to talk about. =D

Anyways, got to run off to bed!

"The choice in the life,
Is the choice in thought.
The choice of action,
Is the choice in heart.
The choice in loving,
Is the choice in being."

Wow... I'm actually personally surprised that rhymed. =P


-Jake Kelton

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight!!!" (1/13/10)

Good gracious, I've been listening to this song too much. XD I've exhausted almost every version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight on Youtube. I really, really want to do an vocals only (achapella?) group singing this at Pope. Gah... soooo much I want and need to do/make happen.

Want to take a group down to the Avenue and have everyone pose, frozen, in some of the clothing stores windows for 5 minutes. Just to see what peoples reactions should be. Need to plan that for a Fri, Sat, or Sun. =P And I have a great idea for a video I want to do for Pope that I need to get on making cause it will take a bit to finish. =)

Inty died, so I'll save this and post tomorrow morning. =D

John 14
15 "If you love Me, keep My commandments. 16 And I will pray to the Father, and He will give you another Helper that He may abide with you forever- 17 the spirit of truth, whom the world cannot recieve because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you. 18 I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you."

God comes to us if we call to him. Just a swimmer in the ocean, we must swim to the rope before we can grab on and be rescued. He cannot make us grab the rope. We must choose Him. He wants to save us, but we have the will to choose not to accept His love. Too often we think we can take on the world ourselves. Let's be strong. We can make it. But we can't, not without Him at our back. And even then, He also gives us friends. Friends that help boost our faith and love for others, God, and ourselves. For we can't do anything until we love ourselves.

Talked with Graydon a good bit tonight about relationships. So often we get caught up in our own thoughts about our inadequacies, we forget what the relationship is about. If you're with someone, it's obvious that they are with you despite those very failures. It's not a reason to not work at changing, but it's not something to stress about. It's life. Enjoy being with those you love. Make memories that years from now you will look back on, laugh, cry, smile, and remember what good times you had together. Why sweat something that you're just going to feel bad about sweating about later? Most importantly though, always be true. Communicate. Tell your other if there's something bothering you. Even if it's a simple, "So what can I do to be a better boyfriend/girlfriend?" and then listen. Be open to suggestions. Listen for their thoughts. If they comment disagreeably on something that you've done, think about changing or at least talk over it some evening. If they don't want to talk about it, let it go. You're not responsible for what they think. You can only do your best every time the sun rises.

I hope that helps anyone who's been questioning some of these things like myself. Biggest thing I'm going to work on right now is taking chances. First time dater, I'm so afraid I'm going to do something wrong. But this is what dating is about. Dancing in the rain, having a tickle fight on the couch, having a pillow fight, mixing three cocoas to see what it tastes like and sharing it, kissing in the middle of the crowd, giving surprise flowers, etc. So many that I've been tempted to do but haven't, not sure of what it's going to be like. Taking a stand now. Why the /hell/ have I not done some of this stuff? That is what makes life memorable. ^^ So, goal for each day is to surprise myself at least once by doing something even I wouldn't expect. ^^ Yesterday was wearing a scarf as a turban most of the day. Today was shaving my mustache. I swear I look like a kid again. Not a bad thing either. I think I'm growing up too fast anyway, might as well look as young as I can get away with. =D Got a lot of comments on my half-stashe most of the day though. =D Fun, fun stuff. Tomorrow, who knows? =D Miranda, if you're reading this, you might want to prepare yourself a little, though I do say you're probably going to enjoy this semester a bit more than last. =D

Song of the night - "Don't Blink" - (I believe by) Garth Brookes

I don't think much about the poems I post, at least not like the ones we're going over in class. But I hope you're enjoying them. =)

Actually, tonight I have the perfect poem I've written before. If I already posted this once, oh well, it works too well. =D

"Take a chance, take a risk.
Play the game, spin the disk.
Turn it up, turn it down
Inside out and all around!
You trip, you fall
You might lose the ball,
But each moment you learn
To take a different road turn.
The destination may be pretty,
But life is all about the journey!"

Again, I encourage anyone reading this to comment, agree, disagree, ask a question, anything. I love answering questions. ^^ Makes me feel smart. XD Even if I answer wrong. ;]


-Jake Kelton

"I can show the world!"

I can't do everything. But I'm sure gonna do as much as I possibly can. ^^

Short blog tonight, but simply stating that I'm going to be changing, changing for the better. Enjoying life more, being me, flying with feet, singing with dance, and sharing me with the world. ^^

Hmmmm, I think the most fun thing I did today was dance through one of the halls singing Phil Collins vocal version of Trashing the Camp from Tarzan. Enough that a teacher, great guy, came up and said, "Hey! You're not supposed to have this much fun in school. School's supposed to be depressing." I laughed and then fake slouched and he chuckled at it. ^^ I love Mr. Random Guy. Yes, I call him Mr. Random Guy. ;]

Anyway, I really need to go to bed. If I can sleep, due to sibs, I'm prolly gonna doodle a bit. Working on some drawings. =D When I post my art, man some of you all are gonna flip. =D

Poem, poem...

"Perchance the woodland wanderer weary,
Solstice finds near sliver, shimmery
Water worming, far warmth to reach
Snake south, so crash upon yon beach."

Actually thought about that one. Kewl. ^^


-Jake Kelton

PS. ALL poems on this blog and all blogs posted by me, Jake Kelton are (c) to me. Yeah. I said it. =D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Art and Drama

Art was fantastic today. Some clicked and I drew. I just... drew. And drew. And then wanted to draw some more. Nothing super creative, but something to get out there. Did a number of Still Lifes and then went back after school to do more. Realized that only I have control over my class and my drawing skill and decided I wasn't going to let another semester go by without getting something done. =) I have a wall in the AP Art room that before the semester is over I'm going to cover in pictures. I'll take a picture of it when I finish. =)

Drama is similar, I just need to up myself. When something like that seems to come so easily, its easy to slack off. Senioritis almost kicking in. But I won't let it. Tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow I'm going to make some awesomes happen. ;) Yay for determination!

Also plan on reactivating (or reviving) my Deviant Art account from its grave. Need to do something with it. Even if just lame practice. Something that is tangible and updated. Get my face out into the world. Maybe I can start getting paid for my work. Since I'm not getting paid for anything else. =P

Talking about pay, I hopefully will have a job soon. Praying for it. Applied at a restaurant just opening and my hope is that since they're going to be in need of people working, they'll hire me and at least give me a chance to show what I can do. Pray for me!

"When the world tells you, 'not enough time'
Let it talk. Turn the world your own direction,
Lead, make you're own path. Be yourself."


-Jake Kelton

Monday, January 11, 2010

Shakespeare and Cosplays

Sierra and I are really pushing to make a Shakespeare play happen in Play Production. Right now we're looking at Midsummer Nights Dream, but if you have other suggestions, let me know. ^^ Going to her house to practice going over a scene to show others tomorrow how things are done was a lot of fun. =D Love working with her on Drama stuff.

Anyway, spent most of my time this evening (woe be me) watching youtube videos about Cosplays and AWA last year. Finally after like 10 videos found on with a picture of me in the background, plus I saw two of my other friends. ^^ Twas very cool. =D Going again this year, but cosplay will totally depend on time, money, and... well, time and money. =P

Tis still cold... too cold... but I shall disappear to draw a bit in bed before lights go out. =)

Yay for having little homework! ^^

"When your world goes dark, I'll still be here.
When your candle light dims, I'll still be near.
When you need someone to hug, I'll frighten the fear.
When you look for love, I'll wipe away your tear."

Hmmm,... this still comes out of nowhere... Still true though... Hmmm

Night all!

-Jake Kelton

Sunday, January 10, 2010

God is good! All the time! All the time! God is good!

Church this morning, gooooooood. New set up. Change of doorways. As the rebuild it. Anyways, service was especially about not letting the small problems in your life drowned out all the blessing God gives you. Something I needed to hear because I am really very blessed. =) Great school, friends, family, and a very easy life.

Jobjobjobjobjobjobjobjobjob... Already, got my mindset... GOING to have at least ONE person contact me back about SOMETHING this week about a job. Don't care what it is. Even if it's them saying no. I have no responses. Going to get somewhere this week. Going to make it happen. *growl*

So I totally failed to make an art competition on time, but it was a good learning experience. Taught me a few things *coughtimemanagementcough*, but it was cool.

Went to J. Christophers today and had lunch with Mom while chatting with Sis. And Graydon. And Chatwood. And Liz. And all the other people there I know. XD Know so many people there...

Picked up Miranda for youth tonight (Pulse). Music was... loud... but service was really good. 'Bout watching what comes out of your mouth. And need to watch my sarcasm and "rolling of the tongue" mostly. Also I'm not watching my swearing as close anymore and it's a tad bit of a concern... Afterwords hanging out was fun. Wrestled bros a bit. =D Need to do that some more cause it was fun... just without breaking anything. ^^

Jeremiah 24:7 - "I will give them hearts that recognize me as the LORD. They will be my people, and I will be their God, for they will return to me wholeheartedly."

"We take each stepping stone,
One foot, one foot, one foot,
The cold stream flows below,
Ripple, ripple, ripple,
The end is always near, always far,
Closer, further, closer,
So enjoy the steps, dance, sing,
Step, giggle, swing, laugh."


-Jake Kelton

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Writings, Cheeseburgers, and Marker Mustaches

After a morning of cleaning room up a bit, watching a few short cartoons, dozing at my desk, and finishing application to KSU, I had a Word War with Lela. Whoever writes the most in a set amount of time, "wins". =P I was a nervous wreak right before it though. I actually pulled the guts from somewhere to dust off (almost literally) my super, super old story I've been working on for several years now. I literally had a two year writers block for one scene. And I broke it. Both good and bad. Good, because now I can continue writing it and when I start it's terribly hard to stop. Bad, because now whenever I have a chance, I'm going to be writing. XD Leading to lots more of procrastination... or at least let's hope not. =P Anyway, the really amazing thing was, I could see everything I was writing as a scene, panel, or page of a manga/comic book. I am super excited to start pulling out my pencil and drawing what I've written so far. It's going to be AMAZING, whatever comes out. Anyways, so super excited about that. ^^

Can't write forever so I'll sum up the rest of the day. Come 4 o'clock, picked up Jenna, got gas, picked up Miranda, picked up Kaylin and Emily, and we all went to Chili's for our CHEEZBURGAZ! XD Kaylin and Jenna had been ranting for a while about wanting a cheeseburger, so we all went and pooled money to buy some burgers. =D So low on money. -.-' Plan on calling Modeling Images tomorrow and/or Monday and see if they are still hiring. XD Working as a model for Spring wear would be fun. =D It'd force me to get more in shape. ;) Anyway, off track. After, since none of us wanted to go home, we all went to Starbucks and pooled gift cards to get some drinks and sat around and had some awesome laughs. XD A bit too much "gayness" for me on occasion, but it was still a ton of fun. Oh, and at Chilies, Jenna commented on my lack of a dark mustache, so I allowed her to draw a super french twirled mustache. Fun, but then got all the girls into drawing fake facial hair on each other. Tons of laughs. Got a lot of funny looks. Great memories. ^^

Dropped everyone off and then went to Miranda's house. Was only going to stay a moment, but was invited to watch The Last King of Scotland. Good movie. Very thought provoking. Anyways, was really cute cuddling with Miranda on the couch. And we all agreed that we were glad we had the fast-forward ability for two certain parts. XD Anyway, happy ending to a good day. Didn't have the goodbye I wanted, but then don't usually. Will have to fix that next time. =)

Lastly, I've come to the conclusion that music affects my "livelihood" almost more than anything. Meaning, when the song is slowish, kinda sad, or just thoughtful (Pretty Girl - Davin Mccoy) I'm very thoughtful and quite. When it's upbeat, happy, active (I Just Can't Wait To Be King - Lion King) I'm up, singing, and generally could care less what anyone thought of me. When it's really up, almost hyper (Caramelladansen) I almost always find a way to dance and totally lose myself in the song/what I'm doing. It highly effects my drawing, whatever song theme is playing I'll draw in that theme. Also adds to my writing. Whatever the feeling is, I'll mix that into my writing. I have no doubt one day my house will have speakers that go through every room. I could listen to music all day. Well, a lot at least. Even then though, silence is another music. The music of oneness, you, lost in your thoughts. Have you ever been in some place that it is COMPLETELY silent? No breathing. No wind. No air conditioner. No computer fan. Completely quite. You get lost in your thought. Talking and thought mingle until your essence is twisted into one entity that exists. Thoughts overlap, recross, intermingle. It's highly exhilarating, confusing, and mind bending. Only had that happen to me once or twice. Fascinating.

To ramble just a bit more, I find my most creative moments that come to me, pretty much ever is when I'm half asleep dozing on a comfortable chair warmed by the sun. Man, the creative juices hit a max then. It's like every part of my brain releases a tiny piece of what it's holding, and then they all combine into something insanely different and yet makes sense. If I could capture that, boy, I'd never have to worry about originality after that. XD

Anyway, it's late. Might write for a short bit before bed. Church tomorrow.

"Phone- silent.
Light- dead.
All- quiet.
No- text.
No- call.
Who's- there?
Nervous- hope.
Still- nothing.
Waiting- Waiting- Waiting- waiting- wait- wait-"

Night world!

Haha, just can't go to bed can I. XD Want to share another last thing. This is actually a dream of mine. Well, not sleeping dream, but a life dream. I play the piano. A bit. A tad. A doodle. A finger dance. And I like it. But truly, what I really want to play above all, is the fiddle. Everything about that instrument screams beauty. I could create a band of just fiddles and violins. One of those few instruments that I believe I would quite literally rub my fingers raw playing. Even if it is one of the hardest instruments to play, I would make it happen. One day I will own one and play it. Give me eight years and ask how I'm doing when I'm twenty-five and we'll see. =) That and drums. Third favorite instrument. The beat, combination, coordination, strength, precision... the list is endless. I could beat on a drum till my arms fell off. Or so I think right now. And until I really get behind a set, I don't know how I'll feel. =P I've done a bit on the drums at church, but it's barely patting it due to others being around. But yeah, between those three instruments, I could be happy for a very long time. ^^

K, now I'm off. Written too much. XD Too much of a talker, eh? =D

Night world! Sleep well!

-Jake Kelton

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Had tons of fun today playing on the ice, because it was more of an ice day than a snow day. Did a lot of snow skiing. ^^ Went over to Jeff's in the morning with Andrew only to find Jeff had gone my house in the meantime. XD Stayed at Jeff's till he got there and we hung out most of the day doing things such as ice sliding, ice ball throwing, puzzle building, and car pushing. Rescued my Sis and another guys trucks who had gotten them stuck on patches of ice on a certain hill. Lots of fun. Anyway, college apps, cheese burgers, and drawing tomorrow. =)

Actually, probably going to be up uber late tonight drawing a picture for an art contest on DA. Will let you guys know how it turns out. Though so far things are pretty... eh... XD

Poem, poem...

"'Beauty 'tis in the eye of the beholder',
So goes the quote as the ages have told her.
Yet we judge beholders as good or bad,
If we agree or disagree with what was said."

-Jake Kelton

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Great White Fluffies!

Snow has come, and surprisingly, the news predicted it correctly! This is truly an amazing day. =D That, and the fact that Ms. Johnson actually likes a lot of the drawings in my doodlebook (sketchbook), plus Zoe being back, Drama classes finally getting a start, and school being school again. Life is picking up it's pace, but I'm enjoying it. ^^

Tonight's passage comes from Matthew 5:
21: "You have heard that it was said to those of old, 'You shall not murder, and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment.' 22. But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of judgment."

From my reading, it seems that the New Testament has a lot more to do with the heart than with actions. The Old Testament was all about "Do this" and "Do that" and you'll be right with God. But that system failed, which is the reason God sent Christ to Earth. The way we live now, "actions speak louder than words", and so often people see what others do and decide by their actions whether they are a good person. We're all great actors. We all act to the world in our own ways to hide different things on the inside. But what we should really do is live openly, and let our heart guide our actions. That way what we do will always be honest and true. If we try and our actions begin to fail at being the way we want, we know we have cleaning up to do in our hearts. And to do that, we have to be right with God. When we let Him guide us, we then have Him in our hearts and our actions show it. Then, we can not only share the gospel through word and tongue, but deed and action as well.

Well, I'm off to doodle for a bit tomorrow. Going to work on finding a job, finish applying to Ringling and Kennesaw, and skate on Jeff's pool. =P


"We each have a story- stored up inside.
Every one of us- has something to hide.
To trust in a neighbor- and confide,
Brings friends together- unified."

-Jake Kelton

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Avatar 3D, 3rd time.

And today's reading comes from Proverbs 21:
1: The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD,
Like the rivers of water: He turns it wherever He wishes.

2: Every way of a man is right in his own eyes,
But the LORD weighs the hearts.

3: To do righteousness and justice
Is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice."

Great passage, talking about how, while we humans have our own rights and free will, we should be following Christ so much that we allow Him to work through us and to lead us "by still waters." The more we let Him guide us, the more peaceful our life will be. It won't be easy, and in fact will more likely be harder, but we will have peace in the knowledge that God is there and, to quote Allstate, "We're in good hands." What hands can be better to be in than Gods? Our sight is limited, so let's let God choose the paths for us to walk on.

In other news, I'm really, really, really frustrated with the Art teacher at Pope. Not enough time to explain, but she has no idea how to teach and I'd rather not end up going through another semester of self teaching and her taking all the credit. *sigh*

Saw Avatar for a 3rd time, second time in 3D. Dozed through the slow parts because I could practically quote the movie by now, but still in love with it. By the time you've watched a movie this many times paying super close attention, you start to see the mistakes. =P Three times in three weeks, I noticed quite a bit this last time. But still an outstanding movie. Always will be. Will have to post some of my fan art sometime soon.

Missing hanging out with Miranda... Will have to remedy that soon. Gas munny! >_<

Night all!

"Take a chance, take a risk.
Play the game, spin the disk.
Turn it up, turn it down
Inside out and all around!
You trip, you fall
You might lose the ball,
But each moment you learn
To take a different road turn.
The destination may be pretty,
But life is all about the journey!"

-Jake Kelton

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Day of School!


0 Period: Health
1st: Honors Gov
2nd: AP Art
3rd: Lunch (Yay!)
4th: Adv. Alg/Trig
5th: Musical Theater
6th: AP Lit
7th: Play Production

Going to be a fun semester, no matter what happens. =) Gonna miss Kaylin at lunch and Leah in Drama and other friends, but we get what we get and make do with what we have. *hugs all his friends*

So, continued to work a little on Project PC, the secret project for this semester. First try was "eh". Will try again tomorrow. Well, maybe Friday since it's most likely I'll be accompanying Emi to Avatar and I have Drama Club. Joy. Well, got 0 period in the morning. Taping on parking pass FTW! =P

Btw, note to all who read this... Caramelladansen is the best song ever created.

Night all!

"Let's enjoy this world, enjoy the light,
Time will teach, no longer a fight.
We dance in around, friends circled tight,
Life without worry, new worlds in sight."

-Jake Kelton

Monday, January 4, 2010

Steam-Punk and Writings!

Had a fun time today, as a last day before school. Did a little food shopping, hung out with a good friend most of the day, and got a new awesome jacket. Plan on spicing it up for MomoCon and possible DragonCon for a Steam-Punk jacket. We'll see. Whatever happens, it'll be pretty awesome. Tomorrow, first day of school, I don't have 0 period, which is nice, and I plan on sketching most of the day since most classes will be a bore. =P

Quick thing about the Steam-Punk idea. I like the airship idea shown in this picture (note, all of these pictures I did nothing to or with or claim any rights too. All rights go to original artists, creators, and wonderful people I love):

I also want to create a, or several guns like:

But most of my time will probably be spent creating reusable additions that just make the outfit as a whole look a lot cooler:

Anyways, need to head to bed. But for all who read this, eventually I'll try to get some of my art sketches, drawings, and etc up so you can see a bit of the stuff I do. And to share, since I do writing as well (I mean my page title /is/ pencil on paper, both writing and drawing apply), here is a bit of my writing that I tossed up today in a Word War with a friend:

"She blinked. Once… twice. A trickle of anticipatory sweat dropped from an eyebrow to slowly make its way down her jaw line. She breathed lightly, trying to feel the world around her. Hands gripping the leather of her swords hilt, they tensed, relaxed, tensed, and relaxed in a comforting motion. Moments before she had been running, running from a scene she dreaded would happen. Dreaded for years, and it had finally come true. And now here she was, hiding in the bushes, a scared fox with its tail tucked between her legs. But she was going to show them. She was going to show this fox had teeth. A rustle of leaves to the left alerted her that the enemy was approaching. Soft clicks could be heard being passed back and forth, almost as if those monsters were communicating. A bloody paw was seen for a second as it stepped past the small window allowed through the bushes thick leaves. The moon showed clear that night, allowing her to see again the over-sized paw print she hated so much. She waited another moment to let the monster gain some ground and then gently pushed aside a few branches to look. Nothing was in sight. Quickly she scrambled out, leaping to the closest tree and pressing her back against it. Still no movement. She turned, slowly inching her way around the tree. Suddenly there was a soft growl in the darkness. She gasped slightly peering into the tree seeing a pair of glowing blue eyes. A blur of motion and the monster was charging at her, teeth bared and ready to end her life. She leapt back, slashing her sword, swinging in wild directions in front of her. Fear of dying kept her arm moving. The monster skidded to a halt in the small circle of trees, pausing directly under a moonlight beam. Now she could see it in full hideous glory. Blood dripped from its snarly jaws from previous kills, just as it dripped from its paws. Standing on two fit, yet hunched, there werewolf like creature had a more hideous advantage. Sprouting from a foot below each arm was a second pair of arms, four clawed paws ready to tear and rip human flesh."

No I have no idea what this is. No I don't know where it came from. No, I have no idea if I will finish it. XD

Night! Feel free to comment, ask questions, poke fun at me, whatever!
Sleep well world!
-Jake Kelton

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Midnight of a New Life

Midnight. Just creating this so I can use it in the future. Part of what I wanted to do as a New Years Resolution is start blogging to record my life. This is just cool stuff from the day, making new friends, something excited for, blog. Most people reading this will probably already know who I am. If you don't, you will soon. Anyway, must get some beauty sleep!

This is me, Jake Kelton, signing off at the beginning of a new year. 2010, Graduation Year.