Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Modeling Images Talent Agency... hmm?

So, going to try to keep it short, since I'm running over my Midnight = bedtime, time. Today was long. Long and a bit rough. Some exciting things, but the days are starting to drag into each other. Which I don't want. It's already a month into my final semester as a senior. Before I know it, I'll have blinked and be graduating. What a year this will have been. =)

On the way home, tired and sleepy, God poked me and I called a number I've had for almost a year now. Last spring, passed around Pope was a flier kind of thing that was for a Modeling/Talent group. I had no idea what it was about, but took the number down anyway just in case for some reason something came up and I wanted it. Not really sure why. Guess it was Gods prompting. A year after, today, I called it. I was extremely disappointed I had not called sooner. Had a wonderful conversation with Ms. Henry and am excited about some possibilities. Next Tuesday I'll be going in to talk with her about future options or thoughts. Until then we'll be in touch.

Also VERY excited for snowboarding! I guess I won't be able to blog for Sat and probably Sunday, but I'll figure out something to do instead. Going to be so fun!

Still have a drawing to finish, so I'm off. Thanks for reading!

"Look back and miss what has gone.
Recognize the ending of a song.
No more shall we sing along.
Was I so in the wrong?
I miss, so miss, what we had."


-Jake Kelton

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