Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh life that thou hast livithed.

Ugh, such a long two days. I think I'm going to give it a rest tonight and just do two poems for the next two nights because my brain has been used to almost full capacity. Tired. So tired. But it was a good two days. A lot of self discovery. Super simple summary: 1/31, Church, wait, Bro's lunch/dinner, no bowling, no Miranda, youth, Melissa, talktalktalkchatchatchat, owe foosball. 2/1, Supersize Me, school, artartarthmmm, no at lunch, 80 on test, YAY FOR CHOIR in musical theater, no book in Lit, take notes, Lead, read stage directions, have amazing talk with Miranda, agree to return to being really good friends, walk home, drive to her house, share some time on the piano, walk Marley, talk to Mom, back home, out again, apply at Paradise, have amazing talk with Sis, talk with Mom, talk with Lissi, talk with Lela. And now bed. Night!

Poems tomorrow, I promise!

-Jake Kelton

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