Tuesday, February 2, 2010

That... is a really deep toilet...

Summarized yesterday. Here's today.
Long, very, very, very long. 0 period. Super Size me, finished. Sicking, but good story. Gov, still a B. Test coming up. Homework. Art, drew a little bit. Finding my muse. This week is my week. Going to be me by the end of the week. Got to draw tomorrow night. Lunch. Fun. Collin beat me at ERS. I blame headache. New food! ^^ Math, this stuff is easy. Doing homework, though I don't HAVE to. Musical Theater, no one has a clue what they're doing. =P Lit, wrote. Don't think I did TOO badly. >.< Drama, fun play! Cannot wait to get started. =) Improv tonight was a lot of fun. WAY better than last week. The group thing is going to be AWESOME!

Two poem, thingies...

"Think, ponder, turn it around
Contemplate... without a sound."

"Black hat sitting there,
Many heads, many hairs, many people,
My stored memories."

Gotta get a good nights sleep tonight for tomorrow. Night!
And yes Diana, I'm bringing you back A foosball tomorrow night. ^^

-Jake Kelton

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