Saturday, January 30, 2010


BLARGH! Today was fascinating. Started off really nice, getting to sleep in. No headache, till about 10, then it started once again. Tried to go to clinic, first was closed. Got sad. Went home. Head still hurting. Dad drove to CVS. No sinus infection, no brain tumor, just migraine. Have pills. Joy. So yeah, spent most of the afternoon between napping, reading Catch-22, and trying to ignore headache. Watched Surrogates, good good movie! Very possible reality for the future. Fascinating. Missed Miranda. She was painting so I can't wait to see painting. Drew a bit tonight while chatting with friends and skyping. Drew some pretty ok drawings of characters. Still haven't a clue what I'm doing for AP art. Yet. NEED to decide but hope God sheds some light on the subject. ^^

Tomorrow should be a lot of fun, if not necessarily busy. REMEMBER TO RECORD GOV DISCUSSION! XD

Poem.... poempoempoempoempoempoem:

"What is the meaning of life?
Seeing thine flamoth woif."

Well, more of an anagram. Or whatever it is when you change the letters around.
Kitty cat waiting for me to go to bed. Night world! Will hopefully give you a better one tomorrow. XD

-Jake Kelton

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