Monday, January 25, 2010

Another short post from another busy day...

To summarize, talked long and late with both youth pastor and Mom last night. As you could probably see, 2 AM and later. Anyway, talked about a lot of things, but come out as always a much wiser and more matured young adult. Can't hardly talk with either without learning some life lesson. =)

Also to summarize the Miranda issue, through yesterday and today I had it really, really rough. Went through a hard time. But God saw me and her through. Took her aside during lunch today and had a really good heart to heart conversation. The period before I was nearly sick from nervousness and anticipation, but I made it. =)
Audition for the Genie I thought wasn't that great, but after watching the other two I think I have a very good chance of playing him. *crosses fingers*
After school drove around with Jeff and tried to apply to four different places. One wasn't open. One wasn't hiring. One was and I got application. And the last one seems actually like a very cool and fun place to work. It's actually a beauty salon, which won't help others thinking I'm gay. But you find work where you find work. And this is my life and so I'm going for it. Anyways, just got a very good vibe from the store. So filling out the application and will drive over there tomorrow after school to drop it off. HAVE to go to bed now though. Two nights of little sleep won't do be good at all. Plus I think I have a quiz on something tomorrow. XD

"Two hearts entwined, two breathes held,
Two minds lost in music four ears beheld.
Four hands clasped, two and two together,
Two pairs of eyes completely lost in the other.
Two bodies jump, four feet simultaneous land,
One moment with each other lost in timeless sands."

So much poetry on dancing... Lit Mag is gonna kill me if I try to submit all of this... Haha.


-Jake Kelton

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  1. Love the poem tonight! glad you had some good talks and that God is teaching you. i hope you get the job!!!!!!