Friday, January 15, 2010

Steve Barry, Auditions, Pep Rally and Tetris

Steve Barry, a popular author who is coming into his element came to school today and talked about what it was to be an author and a writer. Very cool listening. And I got to ask the unique question of the tour which was "Do you listen to music while you write?" He says yes which made me happy. =D What's more happy-making though is that he talked about the little voice in your head that tells you to write. Well, I have a little voice, but it's also telling me to draw, sing, dance, and act all at the same time. ^^ TOO MUCH! But in truth, it's actually not. I love my crazy life. ^^

Auditioned today for the Genie and Jafar. I have an intense feeling Seiden has already cast me for Jafar, but I would so much rather play the genie. Well, I could do either. Jafar would allow me to show I can be serious on stage, as well as funny, and would get me out of my type-casted character roles. But the genie would be SOOO much fun to play and I know his lines/role really well already. So it's a tossup. Up to God and he'll know which is better for me. ^^ There are some times I like when I don't have to decide. I know I did a pretty awesome audition for Jafar, but I'm afraid my Genie audition was lacking... Eh. Bygones shall be Qui-gons. =D

Pep Rally was interesting. The thing about it is that I think most schools think their Pep Rally's are pretty bad. But if everyone's is bad, then one that's "Meh" would actually be pretty good. =D In my opinion, I find them entertaining and when I'm not in a hugely creative mood I go to them on occasion. I like dancing to the music (as most of you would probably have guessed). However today I felt pretty bad cause Annie and I dragged Miranda along and she was pretty uncomfortable most of the rally long. And the thing I really felt bad about was Annie kept trying to cheer her up. Like, the whole time. Anyways, feel pretty bad about that. Gonna find a way to make it up to her. =)

If I go back into another recension when it comes to Tetris, I blame Molly. XD She's got me back and playing a bit with her talk of seeing pieces falling in her head just as she walks around day to day. And the scary thing is I know what she means. There was a time I would actually dream in Tetris, seeing pieces fall as I slept. Was pretty intense. Then I became mostly number one of my friends on Facebook and I dropped off. Let's hope I don't go back too badly. XD

Tomorrow fixing the cars and then going to try and get Miranda to come to the rave at school tomorrow night. ^^ Some night I'll have to devote a page to just talking about her. Sooo much to talk about. =D

Anyways, got to run off to bed!

"The choice in the life,
Is the choice in thought.
The choice of action,
Is the choice in heart.
The choice in loving,
Is the choice in being."

Wow... I'm actually personally surprised that rhymed. =P


-Jake Kelton

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