Wednesday, January 20, 2010

School, Drama Club, Youth, and youth.

School was good. Doing a new, pretty cool picture in art. Think I did ok on the two quizzes I took today. We'll see tomorrow. So far got good grades in Math. =P Drama club was a lot of fun. Listened to a number of monologues. *sniff* They're sooo talented and good. Still need improvement, but even without much direction, they are fantastic. Can't wait till next week! Miranda's youth was fun. had a good discussion tonight. Really want to be a part of their Easter play (they want me to play Jesus! Yay!) but doubt that will happen since they are practicing after church on Sundays. 12:30 to 1:30. If I drove myself, I might be able to make it there if I left at 12. AT 12. But that means no after church chatting or socializing or meetings or anything. >_< I could also go to their church for the next two months, but I really don't like that idea. So I'm mulling it over with God and we'll see what happens. I feel he's really pushing me to do this, since I'm using my talents as an actor to glorify him, but I don't know how. He will provide though... I know it. Just like with my failurefull job hunting, He has a purpose... even if it's to get me to get out there more. Eh...

Also kissed Miranda goodnight as Chelsea was dropping her off. Love that girl. Maybe one day I'll be able to show her the inferno of joy just seeing her is. *happy sigh*

Besides all that, I just wanted to type a small blurb here about the youth of today. The youth, the people, the me's, the you's, so scared to be. Maybe this would do better in poem form...

"Thoughts, voices, circle in my head
They don't come from me while I'm in bed
The world presses in, suffers the me
Who I am, who I was, who I want to be.

But I fight, I push back, and I won't take no
I will live my own life, for God on the throne
I am me, I am I, who God made me to be
Through Him, from this world, I am free.

So many me's, so many you's, all walking these streets
Suffer in silence, in muteness, but wishing others would see
We all hurt, we all cry, but why won't you try
Once more, once again, spread your tattered wings and fly

What good does it do, accepting a crushed life?
"Dealing with it", "living with it", "getting through the night"?
Why can't you see how so much greater good can come
When you decide you've had enough, no longer will you hum

Sing, sing out loud, sing will all the air in your lungs!
Dance, dance with both feet, as laughter spills off your tongues!
The harsh world can move on, live it's own way,
But we shall fly upward, on ground we won't stay!

Don't bend to their wishes, be who you are inside!
Find your dream, hidden by masks, no limits to abide
Take it in both hands, hold it close and tight
And live that dream, through all that's in sight."

Came from a long talk with Sierra. So much like me, and yet so completely not. Going to have to steal her sometime when the rest of the world isn't looking. =) Also, got to take a lot of my poems in for Lit Mag. And art... And writing, though I don't have much of that... hmmm...

For now, night.

-Jake Kelton

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