Saturday, January 23, 2010

Burned by the match head.

"How can you talk with someone who won't open their mouth?
How can you speak with a shadow, or birds flying south?
You can only speak to, only speak for, only hope that
There will come a day, come a time, the phone hasn't sat
Un-ringing, un-buzzing, un-nocited all day
As slowly and lonely time flies away
What can you do with a tight tongue?
How can you encourage the songs it has sung?
Do you push, do you push, do you just step aside?
Let times slow removal run it's course?
What if the hope fading, darken shading
Turns to black, a crashed start not shooting?
And how can you take the place of a friend?
Someone who loves them like you, to the end?
These big shoes I'm taking, stepping into
Are large to fit, with the places they've been to.
But I'll do my best to pass this test
Take my chances, no circumstances will allow me to rest
Praying each day for Gods will to be done
Praying I'll be the boyfriend she needs under today's sun.
He paired us for a reason and maybe this is it,
A challenge be to be firm, but gentle as seen fit.
I only hope with open eyes I will eventually see,
The true glowing light of glory that inside her can be.
Patience is a virtue, they all will say...
But how when I'm bursting with love every day?
Not at her side, each passing minute
Leads me to fear it's a minute I'll regret
But remember she has a life to live too
Even if every night I tell her 'I love you.'"

Going to leave that almost all for tonight. Rearranged room. Got vids off camera. Going to bed. Hope I can sleep. Night world!

-Jake Kelton

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