Saturday, January 9, 2010

Writings, Cheeseburgers, and Marker Mustaches

After a morning of cleaning room up a bit, watching a few short cartoons, dozing at my desk, and finishing application to KSU, I had a Word War with Lela. Whoever writes the most in a set amount of time, "wins". =P I was a nervous wreak right before it though. I actually pulled the guts from somewhere to dust off (almost literally) my super, super old story I've been working on for several years now. I literally had a two year writers block for one scene. And I broke it. Both good and bad. Good, because now I can continue writing it and when I start it's terribly hard to stop. Bad, because now whenever I have a chance, I'm going to be writing. XD Leading to lots more of procrastination... or at least let's hope not. =P Anyway, the really amazing thing was, I could see everything I was writing as a scene, panel, or page of a manga/comic book. I am super excited to start pulling out my pencil and drawing what I've written so far. It's going to be AMAZING, whatever comes out. Anyways, so super excited about that. ^^

Can't write forever so I'll sum up the rest of the day. Come 4 o'clock, picked up Jenna, got gas, picked up Miranda, picked up Kaylin and Emily, and we all went to Chili's for our CHEEZBURGAZ! XD Kaylin and Jenna had been ranting for a while about wanting a cheeseburger, so we all went and pooled money to buy some burgers. =D So low on money. -.-' Plan on calling Modeling Images tomorrow and/or Monday and see if they are still hiring. XD Working as a model for Spring wear would be fun. =D It'd force me to get more in shape. ;) Anyway, off track. After, since none of us wanted to go home, we all went to Starbucks and pooled gift cards to get some drinks and sat around and had some awesome laughs. XD A bit too much "gayness" for me on occasion, but it was still a ton of fun. Oh, and at Chilies, Jenna commented on my lack of a dark mustache, so I allowed her to draw a super french twirled mustache. Fun, but then got all the girls into drawing fake facial hair on each other. Tons of laughs. Got a lot of funny looks. Great memories. ^^

Dropped everyone off and then went to Miranda's house. Was only going to stay a moment, but was invited to watch The Last King of Scotland. Good movie. Very thought provoking. Anyways, was really cute cuddling with Miranda on the couch. And we all agreed that we were glad we had the fast-forward ability for two certain parts. XD Anyway, happy ending to a good day. Didn't have the goodbye I wanted, but then don't usually. Will have to fix that next time. =)

Lastly, I've come to the conclusion that music affects my "livelihood" almost more than anything. Meaning, when the song is slowish, kinda sad, or just thoughtful (Pretty Girl - Davin Mccoy) I'm very thoughtful and quite. When it's upbeat, happy, active (I Just Can't Wait To Be King - Lion King) I'm up, singing, and generally could care less what anyone thought of me. When it's really up, almost hyper (Caramelladansen) I almost always find a way to dance and totally lose myself in the song/what I'm doing. It highly effects my drawing, whatever song theme is playing I'll draw in that theme. Also adds to my writing. Whatever the feeling is, I'll mix that into my writing. I have no doubt one day my house will have speakers that go through every room. I could listen to music all day. Well, a lot at least. Even then though, silence is another music. The music of oneness, you, lost in your thoughts. Have you ever been in some place that it is COMPLETELY silent? No breathing. No wind. No air conditioner. No computer fan. Completely quite. You get lost in your thought. Talking and thought mingle until your essence is twisted into one entity that exists. Thoughts overlap, recross, intermingle. It's highly exhilarating, confusing, and mind bending. Only had that happen to me once or twice. Fascinating.

To ramble just a bit more, I find my most creative moments that come to me, pretty much ever is when I'm half asleep dozing on a comfortable chair warmed by the sun. Man, the creative juices hit a max then. It's like every part of my brain releases a tiny piece of what it's holding, and then they all combine into something insanely different and yet makes sense. If I could capture that, boy, I'd never have to worry about originality after that. XD

Anyway, it's late. Might write for a short bit before bed. Church tomorrow.

"Phone- silent.
Light- dead.
All- quiet.
No- text.
No- call.
Who's- there?
Nervous- hope.
Still- nothing.
Waiting- Waiting- Waiting- waiting- wait- wait-"

Night world!

Haha, just can't go to bed can I. XD Want to share another last thing. This is actually a dream of mine. Well, not sleeping dream, but a life dream. I play the piano. A bit. A tad. A doodle. A finger dance. And I like it. But truly, what I really want to play above all, is the fiddle. Everything about that instrument screams beauty. I could create a band of just fiddles and violins. One of those few instruments that I believe I would quite literally rub my fingers raw playing. Even if it is one of the hardest instruments to play, I would make it happen. One day I will own one and play it. Give me eight years and ask how I'm doing when I'm twenty-five and we'll see. =) That and drums. Third favorite instrument. The beat, combination, coordination, strength, precision... the list is endless. I could beat on a drum till my arms fell off. Or so I think right now. And until I really get behind a set, I don't know how I'll feel. =P I've done a bit on the drums at church, but it's barely patting it due to others being around. But yeah, between those three instruments, I could be happy for a very long time. ^^

K, now I'm off. Written too much. XD Too much of a talker, eh? =D

Night world! Sleep well!

-Jake Kelton

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