Thursday, January 28, 2010

Art Muse, where have thou gone?

Hmmm, lacking in art... well, I have a lot of art and as always people are telling me I'm fantastic... but I'm just not up to par of where I want to be. This happens on occasion and after a couple months I'll finally hit home where I'm pushing myself to be at. But I need it to happen now, especially going into art portfolio submitting and stuff like that... Urgh...

Aw... a friend posted a tumbler about missing a guy she loved a ton and wishing she had him back. Reminded me of a really good song. ( ) Should Miranda and I break up, I pray that we will always be friends. Dating is an experiment. It helps you learn more about you and follow Gods stepping stones into the arms of the one He has created for you. For me.

Anyway, got PJ's planned for tomorrow. After school got to come back to the house, change, and then go submit Kennesaw Application/mail it. More gas usage... fun. >_< No job replies yet. Erg.

"To hug you,
To kiss you,
To tuck you,
To pat you,
To punish you,
To teach you,
To guide you,
To help you,
To show you,
To lead you,
To push you,
To let you,
To wish you,
To dream you,
To protect you,
To allow you,
To discipline you,
To embrace you,
To sing you,
To dance you,
To be with you every step of life,
To love you.
To be a mother of a daughter, of a son, of a child, of you."

A poem for mi madre. *huggles Mom* Love you!

-Jake Kelton

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