Monday, January 11, 2010

Shakespeare and Cosplays

Sierra and I are really pushing to make a Shakespeare play happen in Play Production. Right now we're looking at Midsummer Nights Dream, but if you have other suggestions, let me know. ^^ Going to her house to practice going over a scene to show others tomorrow how things are done was a lot of fun. =D Love working with her on Drama stuff.

Anyway, spent most of my time this evening (woe be me) watching youtube videos about Cosplays and AWA last year. Finally after like 10 videos found on with a picture of me in the background, plus I saw two of my other friends. ^^ Twas very cool. =D Going again this year, but cosplay will totally depend on time, money, and... well, time and money. =P

Tis still cold... too cold... but I shall disappear to draw a bit in bed before lights go out. =)

Yay for having little homework! ^^

"When your world goes dark, I'll still be here.
When your candle light dims, I'll still be near.
When you need someone to hug, I'll frighten the fear.
When you look for love, I'll wipe away your tear."

Hmmm,... this still comes out of nowhere... Still true though... Hmmm

Night all!

-Jake Kelton

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