Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back to school and Improv comedy. =D

Back to school after a fantastic weekend. Day was slow, but one of the slowest. Dozed off twice. Need to work on getting more sleep. Maybe if I didn't blog... *chuckle* Anyway, oh, just remembered I need to review Gov before the quiz tomorrow. Hahaha, that's one of the classes I doze off in. =P Anyway, doubt I'll get a drawing from a phone in tonight. Well, I could loose sketch it. Hmmmm.... oh, by the way, I love typing without looking at the computer or the keyboard. A real test in knowing where the keys are because the more you think about it the worse you do, you really hust have to let your fingers fly across the keyboard. XD

Improv comedy at my church, Feb 13! Come! Tons of laughs to be had! Had fun practicing tonight and believe I did a lot better than last week. Still not as out there as I want and I've just got to work on that, but one or two more sessions and I should be set. =D

Anyway, that's all for now. Can't wait for drama club tomorrow and then off to Miranda's youth group. ^^ If you read this Miranda, expect a surprise tomorrow. Hehehe...


"Angelic smile, arms wrapped close,
You and I sit together, I kiss your nose.
Quiet laughs in sister's car's back seat,
Head on my chest, listen to my heart beat.
This is what makes you special, our time together,
You and I, me and you, could stay this way forever.
We share so much, yet know so little,
About the other, ourselves, and life's riddle.
But journey together we shall on this quest,
Hand entwined, hearts close, we'll do our best."

Hmmmm, still doesn't quite capture Miranda and I. Maybe one day I'll get it right. And I still can't believe nothing rhymes with "warmth."


-Jake Kelton

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