Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ok, gotta make this short and sweet.

Woke up early, few others up, didn't make it to A-Team meeting, went to church, doodled/wiied till Mom out of meeting, off to lunch with bros and dancing in the restaurant, back to church to wait around and gone to Winter Jam concert, traffic jam, backed up, make it, walk up, stand in line, tickets sold, meet with Jessica, chat, give jacket, leaving, take jacket back, back to cars, off to Stevie B's, pizza, soda, ice cream, back to mods, party, foosball, ERS, beaten, sketch sketch, leave, no phone, back, phone, no shower, bed repair tomorrow, night!


Might expand on it tomorrow. Prolly not. Overall a crazy day, sorely missing Miranda, but had a good time with fellow youths. =D Tomorrow should be interesting. =) Also thumb is not feeling so good. Going to keep a closer eye on it.... =/

"Turn here turn there,
Think this think that,
Go here go there,
Do this do that-

Fun poem. Gotta submit these to Lit mag. =P


-Matthew Walters

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