Friday, January 29, 2010

Headaches gone bad...

Fourth day of headache's. After a lot of thought this evening I've decided it's most likely to be something in the air in the Art room that's effecting me, likely one of the old (or new) chemicals being used to develop some photography in the back room of the Art room. Going to test it a little bit tomorrow and hopefully I won't have a headache. =P We'll see. ^^

Overall day was good besides the headache. PJ day, so I wore PJ's, bathrobe, and took my favoritist pillow. ^^ Everyone loved the pillow. But then I accidentally left it at school. *tear* Friend moved it and didn't move it back so I forgot about it and by the time I remembered it, the media center where it was had already closed. =( So I'll have to live without it till Monday when I'll get it back from Lost and Found and have a second day of naps. XD

Got a leading character Jafar as I said for Musical Theater, and also am the lead male for Play Production, who I think is named Tony. Don't know the play that well so I'm going to go over the script this weekend. Very funny play. Both characters will be challenging since they are serious-like characters. Well, Tony's funny, but in a serious way. Because everyone else in the play is crazy. XD So, should be a great learning experience. And I'm growing a beard... for Jafar...

Moving on, short poem... er...

"Step, step, plod, plod
Moving forward, asking God
Right? Left? Straight? Go back?
Have faith, have trust, wide and broad."

Something small... going to try and get senior pictures done tomorrow... somehow. Even if I do them myself. =P


-Jake Kelton

PS: Every night when typeing "Night!" I always type "NIght!" first and then have to change it. I think it'll just be a part of my signature now that I use capital I for no reason. XD NIght!

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