Monday, January 4, 2010

Steam-Punk and Writings!

Had a fun time today, as a last day before school. Did a little food shopping, hung out with a good friend most of the day, and got a new awesome jacket. Plan on spicing it up for MomoCon and possible DragonCon for a Steam-Punk jacket. We'll see. Whatever happens, it'll be pretty awesome. Tomorrow, first day of school, I don't have 0 period, which is nice, and I plan on sketching most of the day since most classes will be a bore. =P

Quick thing about the Steam-Punk idea. I like the airship idea shown in this picture (note, all of these pictures I did nothing to or with or claim any rights too. All rights go to original artists, creators, and wonderful people I love):

I also want to create a, or several guns like:

But most of my time will probably be spent creating reusable additions that just make the outfit as a whole look a lot cooler:

Anyways, need to head to bed. But for all who read this, eventually I'll try to get some of my art sketches, drawings, and etc up so you can see a bit of the stuff I do. And to share, since I do writing as well (I mean my page title /is/ pencil on paper, both writing and drawing apply), here is a bit of my writing that I tossed up today in a Word War with a friend:

"She blinked. Once… twice. A trickle of anticipatory sweat dropped from an eyebrow to slowly make its way down her jaw line. She breathed lightly, trying to feel the world around her. Hands gripping the leather of her swords hilt, they tensed, relaxed, tensed, and relaxed in a comforting motion. Moments before she had been running, running from a scene she dreaded would happen. Dreaded for years, and it had finally come true. And now here she was, hiding in the bushes, a scared fox with its tail tucked between her legs. But she was going to show them. She was going to show this fox had teeth. A rustle of leaves to the left alerted her that the enemy was approaching. Soft clicks could be heard being passed back and forth, almost as if those monsters were communicating. A bloody paw was seen for a second as it stepped past the small window allowed through the bushes thick leaves. The moon showed clear that night, allowing her to see again the over-sized paw print she hated so much. She waited another moment to let the monster gain some ground and then gently pushed aside a few branches to look. Nothing was in sight. Quickly she scrambled out, leaping to the closest tree and pressing her back against it. Still no movement. She turned, slowly inching her way around the tree. Suddenly there was a soft growl in the darkness. She gasped slightly peering into the tree seeing a pair of glowing blue eyes. A blur of motion and the monster was charging at her, teeth bared and ready to end her life. She leapt back, slashing her sword, swinging in wild directions in front of her. Fear of dying kept her arm moving. The monster skidded to a halt in the small circle of trees, pausing directly under a moonlight beam. Now she could see it in full hideous glory. Blood dripped from its snarly jaws from previous kills, just as it dripped from its paws. Standing on two fit, yet hunched, there werewolf like creature had a more hideous advantage. Sprouting from a foot below each arm was a second pair of arms, four clawed paws ready to tear and rip human flesh."

No I have no idea what this is. No I don't know where it came from. No, I have no idea if I will finish it. XD

Night! Feel free to comment, ask questions, poke fun at me, whatever!
Sleep well world!
-Jake Kelton

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