Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Art and Drama

Art was fantastic today. Some clicked and I drew. I just... drew. And drew. And then wanted to draw some more. Nothing super creative, but something to get out there. Did a number of Still Lifes and then went back after school to do more. Realized that only I have control over my class and my drawing skill and decided I wasn't going to let another semester go by without getting something done. =) I have a wall in the AP Art room that before the semester is over I'm going to cover in pictures. I'll take a picture of it when I finish. =)

Drama is similar, I just need to up myself. When something like that seems to come so easily, its easy to slack off. Senioritis almost kicking in. But I won't let it. Tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow I'm going to make some awesomes happen. ;) Yay for determination!

Also plan on reactivating (or reviving) my Deviant Art account from its grave. Need to do something with it. Even if just lame practice. Something that is tangible and updated. Get my face out into the world. Maybe I can start getting paid for my work. Since I'm not getting paid for anything else. =P

Talking about pay, I hopefully will have a job soon. Praying for it. Applied at a restaurant just opening and my hope is that since they're going to be in need of people working, they'll hire me and at least give me a chance to show what I can do. Pray for me!

"When the world tells you, 'not enough time'
Let it talk. Turn the world your own direction,
Lead, make you're own path. Be yourself."


-Jake Kelton

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