Monday, January 18, 2010

Cleaning and friends and girlfriend. ^^

Again, going to make this really short. 35 minutes at tops. Going to try to make it less though. Anyway, spent a large portion of this morning cleaning me room and doing various things that needed doing. Planned with Jessica and Miranda hanging out stuffs. Miranda did her homework (yay!) and Jessica got a ride down (yay!), so we all spent the afternoon (including Katie [yay!]) hanging out and playing games. Andrew and Caleb joined us (eh), but it wasn't supposed to be a "just us" thing so it was ok. Had a ton of fun with all of them. Going to have to ask my sibs what their thoughts on Miranda and I cuddling on the couch was. Cause it'll definitely happen again. ;) Anyway, room is cleaner. Didn't get any drawing done, but I still has bone. Instead I know what I'm doing for my concentration, so it was ok.

Uh, tired. *cracks neck* Ooooo, good one. Trying not to hurt myself too much when I do that. Just watching it cause sometimes I can over crack it. Anyways, last blurb cause I think I'll "mushy" write in my diary tonight. XD

Loved getting to see Jessica and Katie again. Jessica is a lot more amiable and Katie, though she can be a lot more outgoing, did have a lot of fun even if she did lose Super Smash Bros twice. But it looked like she enjoyed it a lot and I'm glad to have given them a chance to hang with people their own age. I don't think either get enough social interaction, so I'm happy for them. ^^
It was also very refreshing to see Miranda after a weekend of trying to get together. But even all the cuddling and hugging and play poking we did, on the way back was the best. I pulled together the courage to ask her a question that had been on my mind a while. My question: "What can I do to do be a better boyfriend?" I don't know how many boyfriends ask that, but it's a good question. Especially if the other is open, you learn a lot about seeing your actions from another's eyes. Her answer was in summary, "Don't overdo stuff. The small stuff is just as enjoyable as the large." Something I definitely can use some work on. I'm such a shower, as an actor, I like to be out there, kinda crazy, and known. But a part of me also likes just being me. I need to take time and remember that even in my relationships, sometimes the small stuff can be even more precious than the large. A time of playing silly games with Miranda and family can often create better memories than a fancy dinner and Imax movie. Not that they shouldn't both happen, but maybe not the latter too often. Save it for a surprise. =D Now, I don't plan on doing Miccy D's two out of every three dates, but sometimes smaller can be better. Anyway, learned a lot and it was definitely worth it. =) If you haven't done it yet, I definitely suggest you try. ^^

So, going to bed, after poem.

"Loud laughing, movie mayhem
Flying Foosballs, Mii's by "Ummmmm"
Couch cuddling, damage giving,
Sharing time,- this is living."

Not so good, but true. =D


-Jake Kelton

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