Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art, art, art, and the fragility of life...

Super late, so making this simple and short... again. *sigh*

Been doing a lot of art. Fills my head and I seem to just be waiting for the next moment I have a pencil in my hand. Doing some new experimentation art in class, but it's a slow process, at least to make good art. It's... new, so it's not as good as much stronger stuff. But I want to branch out. Play around. Experiment. Have fun. We'll see how the next week goes. Along with my portfolio collection. Hmm.... Anyway, really hoping God has a plan for college, cause I sure need all the help I can with that. Along with a job. Gotta do the searching tomorrow. Ack. Something else I was supposed to do as well besides Zacksbies and that other place. Eh... maybe I'll remember it tomorrow. But praying throughout the day made it a lot better. Wrote "Pray" on a hand just as a reminder and when I saw it, it helped me have that new outlook and send a short prayer to God. Maybe eventually I can always talk with Him. That's the hope. =) Also, from now on going to pray over a picture before I start it. Dedicate it to His glory, that way whatever I do will be done for Him. Tis my plan anyway...

Friend of some of my good friends died today. Or so the story goes. From what I've heard and read which is limited, there was a shooting in the small town of Appomattox VA and included in the victims was a girl who had gone to Hightower with a number of my friends when they were there. It's a scary thing to think that one day, someone I know well won't ever sign in to Facebook again. Won't answer a text. Won't pass by in the hallway with a smile. Won't live any longer. It's a scary thing. But a real thing. Life is short. Fragile. With so much ahead of each one of our lives, how can we live to be mean to someone? How can you curse at someone if the next day they no longer live? How could you live knowing that you won't ever get a chance to say goodbye, nor even a simple nice word? How much better off would the world be if each time we thought something mean or harsh, we changed it for a compliment, a compliment we really meant?

Wow... 1 Am...

"Late nights, thoughts of you
Dreams dreamed, am I the fool?
Wait, slow, God knows His plan
One day I will change from boy to man."

No clue what that is or what it means.
Just something...

Bed. Now.

-Jake Kelton

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