Thursday, January 14, 2010

"I can show the world!"

I can't do everything. But I'm sure gonna do as much as I possibly can. ^^

Short blog tonight, but simply stating that I'm going to be changing, changing for the better. Enjoying life more, being me, flying with feet, singing with dance, and sharing me with the world. ^^

Hmmmm, I think the most fun thing I did today was dance through one of the halls singing Phil Collins vocal version of Trashing the Camp from Tarzan. Enough that a teacher, great guy, came up and said, "Hey! You're not supposed to have this much fun in school. School's supposed to be depressing." I laughed and then fake slouched and he chuckled at it. ^^ I love Mr. Random Guy. Yes, I call him Mr. Random Guy. ;]

Anyway, I really need to go to bed. If I can sleep, due to sibs, I'm prolly gonna doodle a bit. Working on some drawings. =D When I post my art, man some of you all are gonna flip. =D

Poem, poem...

"Perchance the woodland wanderer weary,
Solstice finds near sliver, shimmery
Water worming, far warmth to reach
Snake south, so crash upon yon beach."

Actually thought about that one. Kewl. ^^


-Jake Kelton

PS. ALL poems on this blog and all blogs posted by me, Jake Kelton are (c) to me. Yeah. I said it. =D

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