Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Day of School!


0 Period: Health
1st: Honors Gov
2nd: AP Art
3rd: Lunch (Yay!)
4th: Adv. Alg/Trig
5th: Musical Theater
6th: AP Lit
7th: Play Production

Going to be a fun semester, no matter what happens. =) Gonna miss Kaylin at lunch and Leah in Drama and other friends, but we get what we get and make do with what we have. *hugs all his friends*

So, continued to work a little on Project PC, the secret project for this semester. First try was "eh". Will try again tomorrow. Well, maybe Friday since it's most likely I'll be accompanying Emi to Avatar and I have Drama Club. Joy. Well, got 0 period in the morning. Taping on parking pass FTW! =P

Btw, note to all who read this... Caramelladansen is the best song ever created.

Night all!

"Let's enjoy this world, enjoy the light,
Time will teach, no longer a fight.
We dance in around, friends circled tight,
Life without worry, new worlds in sight."

-Jake Kelton

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