Friday, January 22, 2010

I got a feeling that tonights gonna be a good night!

Listened to this song so many times over already... =P

Anyway, today in school was a lot of fun. Took my Ipod so I was awake through all my classes and didn't nap in AO which meant by the time 5th period came around, I was really hyper. Very fun and very interesting, but I'm enjoying my semester a ton so far. Auditions Monday, got called back for Genie which is exciting. =D

Missed Miranda and wanted to hang out/watch a movie, but she went to a friends house. Got over it, realizing that I don't get special privileges unless she wants to give them. =P Instead was picked up by Graydon and Leah and had a really fun time hanging out with them at the East Cobb park. Just did some crazy fun stuff. Nearly hurt myself a few times, but God watched out for me. ^^

Starting up my newest comic idea, just doodling and working, working, working on getting ideas out of head onto paper or computer paper.
Going to try to regularly update it, but it probably will only happen once a week or so. Still a ton of fun to draw so far.

Urgh, poem... um....

"A year older, a year new, birthday around the corner pew
Scared to grow, take new steps, scared to work additional reps
But close your eyes, change comes and flows,
These earthly ties with dirt covered toes
Are here for now, now for here, only in place to shed a tear
Precious time to enjoy living, with the ticking clock God is giving
So don't be frightened, waste not in vain
Look to the future enlightened, and continue to be insane."

Mostly for a friend, and I think she'll enjoy it when she reads it. But it can really apply to anyone afraid to age along year. Really, though we only celebrate it once a year, we're constantly aging every day. So don't fear the inevitable. Run with it and celebrate another joyous day.

Night world!

-Jake Kelton

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